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My grand mother Tita used to say ̈traveling is living ̈, teaching me the importance of traveling between oceans, heaven and earth. I have learned that the more I travel, the more I submerge myself into different cultures. My mind expands and my way of seeing life evolves constantly with every place, every community, every landscape, texture, flavors and ways of life so beautifully different that generates in me a world of multiple perspectives. My inspiration comes from the air, the shapes, lights, shadows, movements, the static, rhythm and sound, from the lines that converge in a point, from everything I don ́t understand, from everything I analyze, from everything that provoke something in me and from watching how everything flows and submerges into the same world I know and at the same time do not know.

My passion for photography has taken me to experiment with different techniques like interwoven, silkscreen, pen, wood carving and reliefs applied over different surfaces like wood, recycled materials and canvas. No matter what technique I use, the constant is always photography used with the means to enrich art with a new and innovative touch of fresh air.

I have had the opportunity to live and work in different cities around the world, including Guatemala City, Oslo, New York, Mombasa, Taipei and each one of them has molded who I currently am. I developed a preference for urban photography, each site and each piece of space has a history to tell. Thousands of protagonists not seen because of our daily routine and which become big and at the same time small elements that merge perfectly and give life to my photographs. The need to share this feeling has taken me to exhibit in countries like Guatemala, Norway, United States, Canada, Germany, Taiwan and several of photos have also been featured in online magazines and other local prints.

If you are interested in my photos please contact me at chinayon@gmail.com